Friday, February 20, 2015


Liz Heywood - Southampton Strippy
Liz Heywood - Southampton Strippy
I saw this quilt on Pinterest, where I spend the first seven or eight hours of my precious day, drooling. Something about this quilt got to me. No way would I have thought to use that main colored fabric in any of my work, but here it works so well. Brown, gray, dark blue with shots of yellow,, gold and orange. Those inserted rectangles are just great to break up the space. 
So I am trotting up to the studio and pulling out the most  unlikely fabric to try this out. Stay tuned.
Here's my version. 22x33" Hand dyed cottons, fused and at this point unquilted.
I was happy to use fabrics that have been long sitting in the stash, neutrals, both lights and darks, combining them with a few brights.


  1. The first (inspiration) echoes a Klee painting (; yours feels like Spring rather than Fall colors. Very cheery!