Thursday, October 18, 2018

Paint and Paper

 It's been quite a while since I got my paints and papers out for artmaking, but now that I have, it is again taking me for a ride! Oooooh I am having some fun. Rediscovering bins full of blank canvas panels, gathering scraps of painted papers, stamping and gelli printing, and making a huge colorful mess has brightened and filled up my days.
#1 Goldenrod collage, 12x12", acrylic painted papers mounted on painted gallery wrapped canvas. $100. SOLD
#2 Creamsicle collage, 8x8", acrylic painted papers. stamping and monoprinted,  mounted on gallery wrapped canvas. $100. Email me.
#3 Bluerings collage, 8x8", acrylic painted papers. stamping and monoprinted,  mounted on gallery wrapped canvas. $100. Email me.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Two Vests Today

This vest was knit for Linda S. and is made from Plymouth Boku (multi colored) and green Cascade Venezia.
  I've been knitting in sections, like the front panels of multiple vests and then going back and knitting the side panels, where I don't have to pay as close attention to stitch count.
When you look at the yarns before knitting, it is difficult to know what the resulting fabric will look like, so in the next few posts I will be posting knitted samples to make choosing easier.

And this vest is available for $100, made from Noro Silk Garden and Araucania Toconao, both multicolored yarns. It measures 29" long and 42"bust. Email me.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Happy Days!

We've been busy readying the house for our guests, Dave's sister Carol and her hubby Dan. This cleanup took days, but was so worth it. I got the kitchen organized in such a good way that it has stayed clean for over a week. Amazing. Not counting the floor.
O well.
We had a super fun day with them and at the end took this selfie, including Tony's better side.
Then because the house was still clean I invited my friend Patsy, a Knit Wit, and my BFF over and we played with paint and paper. We made our own envelopes and note cards using the Gelli plate and stamps and acrylic paints.
 We dinked around quite a bit first until we got the sizes down and then really began to crank out the beauties. I learned the folding method from this video.

I had some painted papers to start, which take the most time, so we had a lot of material at the ready. Patsy brought her paper cutter which was so important to make the right size envelopes from the large sheets we had painted. We ended up using 9" for the envelopes and folded them in near rectangles, ala the video. Then fit the cards to match or coordinate with the envelopes. Lots of wonderful scraps resulted and I will use those for collage.

What a wonderful day. And there is knitting and new yarns to share. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Ellen's Cardivest

Same cardivest, different lighting. It's still dark out this morning, (Yay!!!) as fall is kinda here, but I couldn't wait for the sun to shoot these pics and blog. This is the combo Tangier and Venezia, delicious to knit and perfect for the kind of weather we have in Chattanooga. My friend Ellen got first dibs on the yarn choices and since she lives here, we'll meet for delivery soon.


Here's the back and side view.
I am happily working on several of the rest of the choices, at once, trying out each yarn combo by knitting up the back panel. So  happy.
Other things are going on tho, which I must share. We moved here last December and have been trying out various spaces in the house to 'live in'. All the bedrooms are upstairs and I am on my third trial bedroom, and like Goldilocks I think that this one is just right. It is the smallest, but has two windows and a nice size closet. Plus it's at the back side of the house which means that the street light doesn't shine in, allowing me to have no curtains. During the day it is bright and cheery, and now I have moved in my chest of drawers, a book case, the TV, some yarn overflow and my little chair and ottoman. I cocoon here most of the day, happily knitting away.
Yesterday I got the brainy idea to get a new shower head for the master bath, one that has a removable wand, and Dave installed it and now I don't have to shower downstairs, in the other bath that already had that kind of shower head. Little things that make a huge difference.

But the big deal is that Dave had a birthday last week, 64! and I decided as a gift that I would clean up his music/art/dump/junk room while he napped. Of course I had ulterior motives. This is the medium size bedroom in the front part of the house, while he has the large master to himself, also in the front. The yarn storage shelves are in there, along with my old drawing table, his desk, a chair, three or four guitars, etc. and five skinny bookshelves, sparsely used. Crowded and easy to get ignored when it comes to using and especially cleaning. I got serious and loaded up two garbage cans full of detritus, re-covered the drawing table with a bright white canvas, emptied a little used bookcase and filled it with art supplies, rearranged the space and voila, it was usable and beautiful. Another triumph of rediscovery. My ulterior motive? I wanna get back to paint and collage. Dave has been concentrating on colored pencil art and he keeps bringing his work to other spots in the house (that have a TV) so I just slipped myself into the space meant for him. Is that so self serving and terrible? I think not. He uses the sunroom now to draw, and it is working just great for him.

Our  two living rooms are pretty much ignored, furnished but unused. They stay clean, except for dog hair, and that is easily vacuumed, when the spirit moves me.

Now I am thinking about paint...I liked the gray walls but prefer a happier color, to match our much happier and healthier life.

Sunday, September 23, 2018


 What a bounty! My sister Brooke came for a breakfast date and we decided to do a little garden walk. Her beau uses my jalapenos in his cornbread and I had a huge amount that could be shared. I have more than this in the house waiting to be used, so I was happy to give these away. The peppers did well in their spot in the garden as there was plenty of sun for them. Bugs don't seem to bother them at all. We also had good luck with poblano peppers and the Giant Marconi, which is a really sweet elongated bell. 

 But the real surprise were the sweet potatoes! Huge tubers! I've never tried growing these before and boy, am I glad I did. This one weighed over two pounds! The skin is very thin, so I am guessing that I must do something with them quickly, like cook and freeze them, or they won't last. 

Here's the rest, various sizes as you can plainly see. I shared three giants with Brooke. But I think the skinny little ones should be good to bake up today. Sweet potatoes will definitely be part of my garden from now on. +++++++++++++++++
Here's a little update on Dave. We got some new meds from the doctor and things have been very calm of late. Thank heaven. Just wanted to let you know that your prayers and well wishes have done the trick. Thank you! And thank you for the great response to the knitting offer. I have nine names and have begun clicking needles happily. Yay! Those who missed the opportunity are invited to see some finished work available on Etsy.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Taking Names 2018


I've invested in some really deee-licious yarns and am dying to knit them into these two styles of cardivests. One is a pullover, so it really can't be called a cardi-anything, but it is the same shape as the one with buttons, so work with me. Here's how this works. You pick the yarn combo, the pullover or cardigan and tell me your bust/hip measurement, and I will knit it for you, for $100 plus shipping. I've done this before and it works great. Just email me at fibermania at g mail dot com and I'll get started. Here are your choices:

Chosen by Ellen H.

Chosen by Mimi S.

Chosen by Melanie G.

Chosen by Hilary P.

Chosen by Libby E.

Chosen by Linda S.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Blocking A Knit

 When I finish a knit it is often in need of blocking to adjust the sizing. The different directions of the stitches tend to push or pull areas so that they don't meet the way they should. This is easily fixed with a spritz of water and some pining to my padded table. I don't soak the knit in the tub, but just use my spray bottle and get the problem areas good and damp, and then make my adjustments. Wool is alive and will respond to authority! It will sit overnight and then tomorrow I will add the buttons.

 Here you can see that only a few pins are needed to keep the hem even. 

 The length (30") and width (25") is measured and I keep a photo record for this design, should I desire to repeat it. Of course I do.
 This color combination is Casablanca, which is silk, wool and mohair, and Malabrigo Rios, which is yummy merino wool. So autumnal. SOLD.