Saturday, February 16, 2019

Busy Busy

Lots of good things have been going on here at Chez Johnson...I have hired a housecleaner, since my knees can't get to the dirt in corners, and what a huge difference she has made!!! The first time she came she cleaned the floors, staircase baseboards, vacuumed the mountains of doggie fur everywhere, and made the kitchen sparkle. It was such a relief to have this done. We kept the house clean for a whole week, and on her second visit she cleaned the sunroom (no more dead flies!!) and upstairs bathroom. 

 O how lovely to have a clean baseline again, after the annis horribilis is over. Dave health has improved so much that I have the mental space to actually think about making this place our home. I haven't hung artwork or quilts in the year we've been here. Not like me at all.

So I made a collage to celebrate!
Dotty Collage. 12" square mounted on watercolor paper, mounted on stretched canvas 3/4" deep. Gelli printed papers, stamping, drawing, ink, pencil, stencils. Sealed with gloss medium.
 I love to draw into the collage after it is assembled. Layers of detail inviting a closer look. $100 + 7 shipping. Email me.
Finished vest and half of the finished pullover for Joan in Missouri. Part of the knitting that is getting done of late.
And some beads got strung!
Triangle, Squares and Balls with Gold $20 SOLD

Triangles in Gold and White $20

Folded Pendant and earrings set $20

Donuts in white and gold with folded bead $20

Folded circles with crystal beads and disc earrings, $20
Red Knots...I think I'll keep these.

Free shipping for all the jewelry. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Paper Crafts

 Over the weekend I made a bunch of small envelopes with matching note cards and thought it would be nice to have little containers for them. OK! 

 Starting with watercolor paper and some sequin waste to use as stencils, I painted, or printed the paper. Then I scored it and cut the corner sections on the diagonal, gluing them to the sides. Quick and fun.

 Some of the collaged cards I made. These are larger, about 6x4.5", with coordinating envelopes.

So what else can I make with these painted papers?
What about a big paper quilt? 12x12" mounted on drawing paper. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Cards and Collages

 I spent the day painting, gelli printing and stamping, starting with 9x12" papers, and cutting a 6.5" for the envelope and a strip 4x9" for the notecard, and keeping the leftover cuts for collage. There was considerable trimming to fit the cards inside the envelopes, but eventually I got a rhythm going and  finished 28 sets.  Envelope behind the notecard. Little and cute.

 The goal after the card sets were made was to use up the yummy leftover scraps for collage. These are larger and cut to fit already made envelopes which I have been saving. They also got the paint treatment. The scraps were collaged onto quality weight papers, then stamped and ink details were added. This is my fave thing to do!

 I have clear cello envelopes to house the card and envelope and will put them together as gifts for future birthday girls at Knit Wit.s

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


 I have a few thank you notes to write and discovered I am fresh out of note cards. Not to worry, I have painted papers and can make my own.
Starting with a really cleaned up studio, meaning nothing on the table at all, I got out my papers and cut squares 6.5" and began folding. Then I cut more paper for the notes and folded those in half. A little glue and I was off to the races.

These papers were made with my Gelli printing plates and some homemade stamps. The paper is just 'cheap drawing' papers and crafty acrylic paints.
Now I have used up the best pieces in my collection. What to do now? MAKE MORE!
Here's a video from Jane Davies that shows all the fun things that can be done with the gelli plate. I need a chicken...

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Technicolor Necklace Sets

This was so fun. All the beads and plenty o'time to string them. I grouped similar or coordinating colors and made earrings to go along with the necklaces. 
Blue and Green squiggle bead set. These are new for me bead shapes. 
 Since I am often asked how long the necklaces are, I decided to record them with a ruler. Note the earrings that are part of the set.

Purple and blue squiggle necklace set.
Red and Pink Knots set. Yes there is a heart there, so you could be thinking Valentines but I think it works for any girly outfit. 

 Turquoise and Lime big spirals set. Think Spring!
 Each set is $35 with free shipping. Email me. 

Friday, February 1, 2019

Technicolor Beads

 Over the weeks of playing with clay, I have been making a few beads, just to use up the current bits of color. Today I've spread the collection out on my table and it is so inspiring! So much color, texture and shape. Woooooo! Gotta start stringing them up.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Beads and Bowls

How about some GOLD? Draped gold leaf pendant with coordinating triangular tube dangle earrings.

 Half Moon necklace with crystal beads and Full moon drop earrings.   $35 for either set, $4 shipping. Email me.

 And a new bowl, 9 inches in diameter, and this time I tried to maintain the same motif, with varying success. I still managed to run out of slices near the edge, which means adding pieces from previous canes. Let's agree that this is as close as I may ever get to consistent. 
 An example of the the filling-in additions. O well, proof I am not a robot.

 And my friend Mary had these triangular bead trays, and I went to Hobby Lobby and got some for myself. Great for used tea bag drip trays, which we all need. Ha! 3.25" per side.