Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trying Traditional Quilting

 I have been trying to do more traditional designs for quilting this simple quilt, Bosna #4.
I used a big round platter for the largest circle, and a sliver of dried soap to mark the line. Then a dinner plate, salad plate and small glass for the center. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Arts and Crafts Room

Some months ago Dave started playing around with drawing, using my art supplies, mainly colored pencils, with surprisingly good results! He had never sketched or drawn anything before, but time and insomnia gave him patience and now I am encouraging him with a studio of his own.
For Mother's Day I took my Joann's coupon (for 40% off my entire purchase) and got him paints, mediums, a palette and canvas paper (to experiment on, sans fear of stretched canvases). Then went to Target to get this indoor/outdoor carpet which can be hosed off when needed. This room gets a lot of traffic to the screened porch and patio, so we are instilling the habit of removing our shoes, except for the dogs.
The room is equipped with his stereo and a few guitars, plus a rolling cart for storing and drying canvases. I intend to give him tips on oil painting, which is the easiest of all paints for beginning, imho.
The ceiling has a central light and recessed lights all around for shadow free creating. Let's hope the paint stays on the canvas...

In other news, the new quilt is on the bed, just for photos. I'm kinda liking the center strip of patchwork. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

QAYG Hot off the presses!

Last week I became determined to finish this quilt and quilt another one by today, for our Arty Girls meeting. But life got complicated and I only got this one done, just now.
It's made from scrappy blocks that I pieced at my old house about two years ago. I quilted it in sections and used narrow connecting strips to join the sections. Then I decided it wouldn't be wide enough to cover my 14" deep mattress, so I add a six inch strip down the center. Now it measures 70x96", just right. 
I refer to this as an ABC quilt...meaning already been chewed, which it hasn't been yet, but I presume it will join a closet full of other quilts with little doggie holes from our Tony.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Teaching Again

Mini-Spiderweb block
As many of you know, my sister Brooke is manager of Ready Set Sew, a local quilt shop and sewing machine heaven. I have been doing a little teaching there and decided that this is really fun! We have discussed doing a small 2 hour demo/class, once a week and it will be for new quilters, or folks who just want to learn the tricks of making some great quilt blocks.
I've been watching Youtube tutes and looking at online patchwork tutorials and am excited about the fun shortcuts and clever ideas I have found there, and want to share them with folks.

And at the same time, I felt I needed a deadline of some sort to get motivated to finish some tops that I made months ago. Starting with my arty quilt pals, we are meeting this week to discuss having regular get-togethers to share finished works, of our own design. Knowing I will have a 'reason' to get something done, will help me focus.
The weather has been sooooo beautiful and my garden patio so enticing, that I find myself lounging in the warm Spring sun for hours! That's where I've been and why I have neglected checking in here. No gardening left to do, no knitting, no sewing, just relaxing.