Thursday, January 17, 2019

Bowls: Round Two

 Picking up from where we left off yesterday, I began applying the slices to glasses, and a lightbulb. I think I am getting the hang of it now, smoothing as I go and filling in the gaps with small dots of clay. Covering the lightbulb was the easiest, because it is smaller of course and requires fewer slices, but this will still be a usable bowl. Use for what? Salt, earrings, paper clips, and around my workspace, little cutters. 

 Here's a closeup of where I filled in the gaps with a dot of clay. Invisible on the inside and not too bad on the outside.

And the cured (baked) results. Today is the birthday party for December girls at Knitwits, and two of these will become gifts. Hard to can see the newer ones are finer and thinner, but one does want to gift something that will not disintegrate quickly. Hmmm.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Kaleidocane, is that some new kind of pain medication?
 This is what it is. Actually I think this is called a master cane, which means lots of canes grouped together and used as one. I learned how to do this from several online videos, which is why I am now able to make stuff I couldn't have made when I first saw polymer clay in the 90's. So many things have improved since then. And by improved, I mean, made easier. Softer clay, for one.
I used two 'brain canes'  and a few bulls eye canes, as well as just plain snakes of a color. Anyway, I didn't know what it would turn out to be, I just randomly grouped clay bits and then it turned into this log which I then shaped into a triangular cane.

Here are examples of slices of that cane combined into patterns. Some are six and some are eight slices.

 At this point they are raw clay and ready to be used to make something...but what? Jewelry I guess, but no, wait, wait...How about little bowls?
Here are my first attempts at master canes cut into patterns and applied to glass bowls from the dollar store. At this very moment they are being baked in the oven, for an hour at 250 degrees. I'm hoping they will pop off the glass bowls with little trouble.

 These are pretty rough looking on the outside but smooth and better looking on the inside which is where they will be seen, most likely. I will improve my technique from this shaky start.
Here's what a real expert made. Carol Simmons. Dazzling, no? Hers are much smaller, formed over a light bulb. So intricate.
And here are mine, now out of the oven, cooled down and released from the glass bowls. Yay!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Baubles and Bling

On Saturday we had our regular monthly meeting of the Arty Girls, which takes place after the Modern Quilt Guild meeting, and includes byo lunch and lots of show and tell. Mary, the ever wonderful hostess and I are sidetracked these days with beads. Here's an example of the breathtaking work she is making:
Amazing isn't it? And this from a beginner!
So you can imagine I needed to up my game and bring some good stuff. Here are my (gigantic in comparison) offerings. $25 +$4 shipping. Email me.
Cane pendant with made to match beads SOLD

Glitter balls (over aluminum foil) with lampwork beads

Silver on black and white

Curvy Tube with silver leaf

Sampler with black discs

Sampler with gold discs
 And now, how about some color?

Friday, January 11, 2019

Short and Sweet

It occurred to me that not everyone wants a long necklace, and since I have a few new chains, I thought I would make some elegantly simple shorties for you. These are all available with either silver or gold (faux, of course, but non-tarnishing) chains. $20+ $4. Email me.

White with gold

Gold and silver loops
Folded white pendant
Gold with knot
Black with gold
 The chains are all 16" in length.
And I had some custom orders. This valentine themed necklace, and two folded pendants. 
And then some very funk-a-delicious pieces for fun.

Red Statement Neckpiece
This red flexible design is done in three sections with loops joining them for movement. The black cord is adjustable in back. $40+$6
 And since the red piece worked, I thought...chains?

 I'm keeping this one for myself, but will continue to make more since white is only the beginning!

Monday, January 7, 2019


Most of the beads I am showing today I made before I got sick. I spent a few days in a fog but now the sun shines on my head and I can breathe again, HURRAY! So here are the latest things that I have been designing. 

Canework is something I was fearful of trying, but gathered my courage and followed the tutorials to make this work.  One needs an extruder gun for this technique, altho I have also seen hand rolled tubes that will make lovely canes, and I'll be trying those next. For this cane veneer I covered the aluminum foil shape to make it lighter in weight. Smaller polymer beads were made to match the colors in the cane.
$25 +$4 shipping. Email me.
 Using the same cane, but in a medallion form, with the same made to match beads.

 $25+ $4. SOLD

 One Red Bead. The big beads (formed over foil) sampler necklace, with discs, braided bead, tubular, knots, and various wrinkle beads. I love these samplers, which are what got me going with polymer clay in the beginning.  $25 +$4 shipping.

Red Spirals.  The spiral bead have an applied slot on the back for stringing, and then red double penny spacers connect the shapes.