Saturday, November 8, 2014

Two Jackets

This knitting has been going on and off and on again for months, and I finally decided to finish up. I promised to knit this purple and red jacket for Nancy B. and the darker purple one below for Judy S.

Taking pictures of myself in two different mirrors. Not always effective.
Nancy's jacket is number 10,  made from Gina and Rastita, and is all wool.
Judy is allergic to wool and her jacket, number 11, is made from Kudo and Goshen, a combo of cotton, silk, rayon and modal.

And while I was rearranging my yarn, I found a started diamond using a combo of  Kudo and Taiyo.
I have no records of who this is for...maybe a jacket for me!


  1. It''s getting really close to my turn. I am sooooo excited!
    Judith P.

  2. Does it take much longer to knit that pattern of connected sections than a 'normal' pattern, Melody? I'm no knitter but I'm interested. Lovely colourways, as always!

    1. Nope, it all takes the same amount of time. Easy peasy.

  3. Does it take any longer to sew that example of associated areas than a 'typical' example, Melody? I'm no knitter however I'm intrigued. Flawless colourways, as usual!

  4. Nope, everything takes a similar measure of time. Simple peasy.