Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mitered Diamond Q&A

Hi Melody!!

Just discovered your blog!! In complete drool mode over your Mitered Poncho and Jacket.

I am getting up the courage to try modular knitting…. a little intimidating… but what amazing results.

Can you help me understand how you pick your colors? I am color- ignorant… definitely. Do you use a color wheel?


Dear Angie,
No I don't use a color wheel, but I do make samples. I find two colors of yarn (they don't have to be the same kind of yarn or the same weight) and knit them into a diamond or triangle and see what they look like. Since I have been making jackets for other people I let them decide which combo they like.

Here #4 turned out to be a bad choice, since the multi-colored yarn has so many colors and only a tiny bit of the aqua in the main solid skein. This sample also lets me know what size the finished product will be and if the gauge is good for the needles and yarn I am using.
More information on mitered squares and diamonds is available here:

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