Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Gift of Rain

The Gift of Rain
Hand dyed cottons, silk, and commercial stripe. Fused, machine quilted and mounted on painted wood panel. 12x16". SOLD
 I used some of my special edition fabrics in this piece and love the wet landscape feel of the colors. It has been raining for days here and that is so much better than snow! My tulips are up. Just waiting for a bit of sun. 


I guess I have finished the Essentials series, but it was so worth doing, as it taught me so much.
1. Less fuss
2. Strong color equals a confident composition
3, Limited palette, In fact, having all the colors, in varying sizes at my fingertips allows one to stay in the moment and keeps the concentration steady.
4. Working when I am fresh and all is quiet. I have been running up to the studio when everyone (dogs and Dave) are sleeping and that helps keep the distractions to a minimum.
5. No worrying about having a predetermined idea. Improvisation is my favorite.
6. Presenting the work on the panel continues to bring it up to a higher level. So worth it.
7. Coming back to my special fabrics which makes the work look more like my very own.


  1. Absolutely stunning dyed fabrics in this one - not surprised already sold!

  2. Love this, it's my favorite in your series

  3. interesting to see your progression to your own voice in this new direction.