Sunday, February 14, 2016

House Progress

This was taken on Thursday and I am willing to bet that the whole roof is on by today. We'll check it out after church. The house next door has opted for the arches which are like another house we've seen in the previous neighborhood. 
Madison Park Barlow home, with upgrades: .Madison Park Barlow home:  
We are going with the plainer facade. And we are having a picture window on the right, instead of that sad single window. 

This closeness is so 'city' and reminds me of my Chicago childhood, where we called the space between houses gangways.
Now looking at the tiny figure on the top of the structure, it makes me realize how much bigger this house is than I first thought. Woo. That box is the equivalent of a telephone pole, housing all sorts of electric and communication lines. Right between the two houses. You can bet I am going to hide it with plants asap.
I have been moving art supplies from the upstairs storeroom into my studio, just to see what it is I hopes of using some of it, sooner than later. I found this watercolor painting, which I have absolutely no memory of making. 20x30". Could have been done in grad school, circa 1995. Quien sabe? I've got it propped up on a larger board, which is visible on the top.
 I don't know if I like it or am just surprised and happy to have found it.
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  1. I couldn't live so close to neighbors. Need some space! Our lots in our development are half acres and that is plenty close enough. Good luck.

  2. Just think if you went "Condo" would have NO space between you. You still have your own walls and space, even if it isnt a lot! Good compromise, if you ask me.

  3. I can almost feel the excitement through this post. Having a new home that YOU make the decisions on is so outside my realm of possibility. I hope the process is joy filled and not a pain in the neck.

  4. Don't know if I could live in close proximity to the neighbors like that any more, but I get the comment about condos... I have lived in a townhouse... shared walls, yikes! As for the water color, I love it, and it reminds me of some of your fused quilt pieces. Maybe it's not the medium, but the design elements that are the common threads throughout your work!

  5. They live that close in New Orleans and it seems to be a lot of fun! And you're quite safe--a hydrant and a power box out front. I had to move things around at my house and found quite of bit of stuff I had forgotten, when I have to move--I am setting up a dumpster next to the moving van.

  6. The house is going up quickly! Yes, a bigger window is better especially since it is covered with a porch.

  7. Your house may seem small now, but when the walls are up, it will be REALLY BIG!

  8. Your house may seem small now, but when the walls are up, it will be REALLY BIG!