Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Countdown Begins

We were informed that closing was bumped up four days earlier to May 27th . Weeeeee! Everything is happening all at once.
I've called the movers and we have begun condensing the stuff we intend to move ourselves, and stacking it all in the garage. Two men and a truck are coming June 2nd but we'll make several trips before and after they move the heavy things. I will not be doing any serious lifting. Just pointing at where things go.
No bids yet on our current house, which means that we can empty it, and scrub everything down and it will stay clean once we are out. 
The pantry shelves are in and the floor is getting its second coat of whiteness. Then two coats of polyurethane will finish the job. 
Dave stands in the alley, admiring the concrete patio extension, which says PARTY!! and  he is already dreaming of pumping up the stereo, full blast. Don't worry, I am still the sheriff. Because of the placement of our house on the curved street, we are the only ones with such a large apron off the garage, so we'll gladly host. It looks like we may be the first house finished.

My front garden has shrunk considerably since the sidewalks are now in. I've discussed my plans with the designer and asked to have the rubble and clay removed and the grade leveled, and then I will come and mark out the proposed garden walls. We'll use the same brick and each side will be separated from the house by a narrow space, so I can work all sides without stepping in the interior. The house faces east, morning sun, and shade in the afternoon. These photos were taken at 4pm, so the plants can rest from the intense heat this summer. My hostas will have a spot on the porch and out back on the patio, in the cool shade.


  1. The clock is ticking :) I like your all-white kitchen, which is what I have and adding pops of color makes it look fresh and clean. We've moved several times during our 40+ years together and you learn something every time with the moving process. Take care of your back this time :)

  2. Whoo Hoo! Looks like everything is coming together. Judith P.

  3. I love the look of your new house! So much so that I wish I lived in your city so that I could buy one just like it. One suggestion: if you can swing the cost, have a service clean your former house after you move everything out. You SO won't want to be doing that yourselves. You will want to be setting up the new place. And an empty house is pretty inexpensive to hire out the cleaning of. Claudia W

  4. Following the progress of your new home is a real pleasure. Love the light floors and your beautiful, beautiful kitchen.

  5. I have loved following your new moving adventure. As I may have mentioned, we are moving to Tennessee from Virginia and our move-in date is almost the same as yours. We move into our Franklin, TN home on June 4. Your positive attitude is helping me cope! Good luck with your move and settling in. Cant wait to see more pictures. Most important, good luck selling your home.

  6. I like the IDEA of moving - especially to. A new home you have had such a lot of involvement in planning, but I know the reality of moving is very different .... Plain back breaking hard work.

    Will you post some pictures of. The mess, and boxes please - to keep me from feeling too jealous of you!!

    Best of luck for the hand overr