Friday, June 24, 2016

The friends, the food, the fun

I don't really have a bucket list, but if I did, I think I would have checked off several items last night. 

1. Have wonderful friends to make a really loud party
2. Have a place where I can make and serve a lot of good food to my friends
3. Sharing my artwork in a space where it is shown to its best advantage

 So first party food pics, starting with hummus on cucumber slices. Then cream cheese and hard salami topped with kosher dill slices, coconut chicken salad on granny smith slices, fruit kabobs, kielbasa in jelly, spinach and artichoke dip, mini tacos, with guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cilantro, and finally individual frozen key lime pies. Not pictured: mushrooms with parmesan-onion-cream, and pesto+fresh mozzarella bruschetta.

 And then show and tell! Margo's leftover stars quilt (not the real name). This perfect little quilt was made from the fabrics leftover from the BIG quilt that Margo entered in the Chattanooga AQS show. Exquisite. And the back is a quilt too!
 Ann showed a gorgeous flimsie, which was a combo of a Parisian purchased Picasso panel and Marcia Derse fabrics which coordinated perfectly.

 And Joan shared her tiny strip pieced landscape. Such clever and talented gals!
I feel so blessed to be in this house, in this town, with friends so close that they could just drop by. My sister Brooke even brought her friend Darla to the party and we all sang Happy Birthday to Mary, accompanied by Dave on the guitar.
What a good time.

Today I woke to rain. RAIN!!! My prayers are answered. My poor garden at the old house was suffering, drooping and looking near death. Let's hope this rain revives it all, and buyers show up who love to garden, and need a house that already has one.


  1. I thought of you when I heard the rain! Hooray for the garden! Thanks for hosting us, the party was delicious :)


  2. What a fun party Melody! I wish I was your neighbor!! Everything looks wonderful, your new home, art on the walls, black and white, garden extraordinaire and oh my what a spread you put together for your friends....lucky invitees! Fabulous, just Fabulous......

  3. The food looks fantastic! Glad to read you had a wonderful time!

  4. Looks like a great party. I LOVE finger food and although it is a pain to prep, I think it is the BEST way to party!

  5. I live just south of Atlanta. Is that too far to be considered a neighbor? Those little key lime pies look yummo. Think I'll make them for 4th of July.

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  7. The way the food was presented made it look even more appetizing!! You sound so happy about this phase of your life! So glad it is starting out so wonderfully.