Sunday, July 10, 2016

More information

I thought I was excited yesterday and now over 120 signed up, so double my excitement! Initially I wanted emails so I could contact you if the interest didn't prove to be worth going forward. Ha! Woowoo! Now anyone who wants to can just climb on board, no emailing me required.

OK I have some really good information to share. Wonder-Under is really really on sale on Amazon for $28.20 for a 35 yard bolt. Since I posted this link they raised the price to $39 which is still way less than regular. Sorry!
Also on Amazon, teflon sheets 16x20", 5 of them for $7.95. Usually $8 each!

But the best part is that after searching for hours I found a dyer here in the States who will dye to my specs, meaning the colors and pfd fabric base that I want you to have, and he is way less expensive than anyone else out there. I can't believe how this is all falling into place. He is Antony
of Remarkably Sew 
8 Fat Quarter Set, YELLOW TO BLUE, 8 Steps,  Pre-Washed, Pre-Shrunk, Ready to Sew! 8 Fat Quarter Set, YELLOW TO RED, 8 Steps,  Pre-Washed, Pre-Shrunk, Ready to Sew! Fat Eighths Set, BLUE, 8 Step Gradation Set, Hand Dyed, Pre-Shrunk & Colorfast, over 1 Yd Total
and as soon as the fabric and dyes I requested reach him, he will put up a separate store page for you (and me) on Etsy so we can easily order more goodies. Just to encourage him that I am not kidding with this request, please drop him a line at his email.

And for those of you in Australia, Dyed and Gone to Heaven had beautiful fabrics for you.
 and more dyers can be seen at my Pinterest board.


  1. Wonder Under has already gone up to $33.43 since you got yours on Amazon.

  2. So exciting! I so hope he'll dye the clear bright colors like you do. I'm not so crazy about the "mottled" fabrics. I actually have some dyes so might just get some PFD fabric and try it again myself. If you think you're excited, triple or quadruple that for all of us fans!

  3. Which PFD fabric base do you like?

  4. This is MOST generous of you. Even shipping to Canada the 35 yards is a deal. I'm in!!!

  5. Yep, the Wonder Under is up to over $36 for the bolt. Still a great price, better than I can get with a 50% off coupon at Joann's. What in the morning did you see the other price?

  6. I got the WonderUnder yesterday for the original low price.

    1. Does Amazon raise the price every time someone makes a purchase? Wonder Under is now more than $10 higher than the price I paid yesterday.

    2. Hilary I think you are right they keep raising the price. It's now $10 more than Mel got it for. I'll keep it in my cart and see if it ever goes back down. I was going to buy it at the cheaper price, but when I needed to add something else in order to get the free shipping, it went up 3 times! I have enough wonder under for now. But next great deal I will buy it.

  7. As for pfd fabrics, I am looking at Dharma's pfd bleached mercerized print cloth or pfd bleached muslin. Both take the dye wonderfully and have a tight weave which is what fusers need.

  8. JoAnn's is 30 miles away, so I checked Hobby Lobby and they have Wonder Under 805 for $2.99 per yard, so with the 40% off coupon, that brings it down to $1.79!