Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pullover Dress

Inspiration From Pinterest

 This is the second in the series of pullover tunic/dress/shirts from that New Look Pattern A6225.
 A rayon/linen blend from Joann's, which I washed first to eliminate shrinking surprises, and it came out barely wrinkled.
 I added side seam patch pockets and a neckline facing, much as I dislike them, it does help keep the shape better. I need lightweight summer dresses and this pattern fits the bill. But I kinda like the funky addition of leggings underneath. I don't have the nicest shaped knees, so leggings are a public service.
I had a couple of big bags of giveaway stuff, plus a totebag full of shoes I never wear and took off for Goodwill. The totebag was something a guild gave me years ago when I taught there, and before I handed it over, I thought I might check the outside pocket, just in case there was something in there I had forgotten. To my surprise, I found a small blue drawstring bag and in that bag was a gold necklace and locket engraved with the letter G. Hmmm? Wasn't mine. But the price tag was still on the necklace, so even without my glasses, I knew it was real gold.
With the letter G, I figured it would make a nice gift for my niece Glory. So I called my sister to tell her of the find and as I mentioned the blue drawstring bag she blurted, "You found it!!!" Wha?
Apparently she had used the tote to bring stuff to my house at Christmas, and had slid that little bag in there to wrap later and then forgot about it. She searched high and low and never found the necklace. It was just by chance that I decided to look in that tote's pocket. Happy ending.


  1. I like the pattern for the tunic dress and it's all about comfortable in the hot summer months, right??

    What a great story about the necklace! Glad you found it before it got to Goodwill :)

  2. Wow - if there evere were an omen about the importance of closet cleaning, that is it! Nice dress! Almost makes me want to go back to making my own clothes . Maybe when I retire, whenever that is!

  3. I love that darling dress. I'm going to Joanns tomorrow for that pattern. I love raglan sleeves. They are flattering on every body type and I haven't seen many raglan sleeve t shirt patterns. Yay! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Like the dress....but where did you get the dress form?

    1. I got that dress form from Joann's with a 50% off coupon. How did I ever live without one?

  5. Wow! Great sewing, and clever of you to remember to prewash the fabric... I've had more than one disaster when I've got all enthusiastic and skipped that step. And lucky checking! You are a clever little thing, aren't you!! ;-)