Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The New Serger

 There was nothing really wrong with my old serger until I killed it. It made a perfectly lovely stitch on most fabrics, with some adjustments needed on thicker or stretchier fabrics. Nothing that an hour or two of dinkin' around couldn't fix. 

 Sorry for the fuzzy pix, but you can see that the new serger stitch is equally lovely. However it remains fine no matter what I feed through it, including fleece, stretchy fabrics, elastic ribbing, and fine chiffon.
The Babylock Eclipse sx.
 So when I brought it in for repairs I was unconvinced that I really needed a new serger, if they could fix my old one. But I was WRONG. What if serging any fabric perfectly was simpler? What if threading a serger was EASY? Wouldn't I want to upgrade? uh, Yeah! I think now that I have come over to the 21st century I will more likely sew clothes and decor items without a hitch. 

You will note in this photo that there are no extra guides to thread through, just a blank wall where those guides once were. And the threading has FINALLY gotten smart. The thread goes in TUBES, with the aid of a tool that is a springy wire which is first fed into the tube, and then the thread gets pulled through that tube by pulling the other end of the wire. The wire has a loop at one end, like a needle threader. It threads in one pass, just like that> SNAP! There is even a place to store the threading tool so it never gets lost. Yay!

 I believe that the new improvements warrant a trip to your local dealer to see what it is like to serge without headaches. I know this has already heightened my enthusiasm for sewing again.


  1. That certainly is a simplified underbelly, easier to keep clean too!

  2. Nothing like a new machine to make a gal happy! I used a serger to sew width -of- fabric long strips for a pieced quilt . You know on a sewing machine how they bow and ripple and one end is longer than the other? Well the serger didn't do that. Laid flatter than a pancake. And a whole lot faster. So you don't need to just sew clothes and home dec with your serger. Enjoy!