Wednesday, September 28, 2016

At Last!

It is finally chilly in the mornings, and thank heaven for that. Today I wished I had donned a coat when I walked the dogs. Woowoo!
Today is Dave's 62nd birthday and we planned a lot of things that are now on hold.
We got a contract on the Hixson house and we sent a counter offer, so we are waiting by the phone to see if the buyer agrees to our terms.
What a great birthday present if he agrees.
I'll let you know what happens.


  1. Happy Birthday, Dave! I still remember fondly the blogs you wrote when you all had just moved to Tennessee. Wishing yo the best of everything this year.
    Joan from Missouri

  2. Happy Birthday Dave! Fingers (and toes) crossed for a sale!

  3. Happy Birthday Dave,I wish you the best!

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for your sale :) I know how stressful it can be to sit and wait but it always works out. Happy Birthday to Dave...and many more :)

  5. Congrats.

    It's 90 degrees. Third day in a row.

    I can't wait for our Fall to begin.

  6. The weather here in NE Ohio has cooled off but the humidity is still ridiculous. Sending good thoughts that the house sells and happy birthday Dave.

  7. Happy Birthday to Dave! It was high 40's in the western North Carolina mountains this morning. I LOVE it! We spend most of the year in South Florida and it was miserably hot. It always is, but every year, my friends and I complain that "this year is hotter than usual"

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