Saturday, November 19, 2016

A New Point of View

 I've been a quilter since December of 1981. 35 years! My goals have changed over the years and again just this week. The goal now of using up my 'good' fabric is starting to make sense to me. And with the genuine emotional release of getting a quilt quilted in one day, it's quite a motivator.   This is a top I made last year in the old house and instead of just quilting it, I am planning on making another top just this size for another double sided quilt. This way I can plan on more open space to feature the quilting on the new top where it will be visible.  The design wall is now covered with batting and just walking into my fabric closet (the bathroom/laundry room) I think I'll begin at the bottom with the scrap bins, as a jumping off point.
Plenty o'fabric to last me til I keel over. 

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  1. I went on a "low fiber" diet at the beginning of 2016 and the only fabric I bought was the dyed bundle for your class. That is pretty darn good. I have also decided to over-dye a lot of the 1990's fabrics and use them as backings. I really didn't suffer withdrawals by not buying fabric, but it took a lot of middle of the day talks with myself! I admire you for finishing up so many projects. Oh and thanks for your thoughts on a new sewing machine.