Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Scrappy Fun

As I was cleaning up the tornado debris of scraps, a thought arrived to leave out just two bins of bits and strips and sew those down to a manageable lot.
O! What fun this turned out to be. While doing my laundry (room adjacent to the studio) I made use of the time by corralling small leftovers into big beautiful blocks, a sourdough starter for the next quilt top.
 These will work in any color scheme I should choose. Hurray! I know full well that this is nothing new, and many many of you are already doing it, but it is really a great feeling to be using up the 'scraps too small to save' and emptying a bin or two. I feel like I know what I would bring if I ever had the opportunity/ability to go to a quilting retreat.


  1. Brilliant idea Melody, I shall have to steal this idea to try and reduce my scraps - thanks for sharing.