Thursday, November 17, 2016

That Settles It

The wheels did the trick. I evened out the two tables and quickly sandwiched a top and back (both pieced) and sat down for the big try out. I also switched out my chair to one that raises and lowers more accurately.
Two hours into the quilting and I had to break for a doggie walk. Back soon afterward and I put in another hour of quilting. I am 3/4 done with this 48x62" top.
 The table makes it very easy to guide and slide the quilt and I don't need any other mechanisms to accomplish the work. Simple is best. Of course the tops I am quilting are not fancy, but functional and I am happy to be reducing the UFO bin as I play. I am excited to finish the rest this way, with allover quilting, so fast and still decorative.
Yellow Affair cottons including hand dyes, machine pieced, unquilted, 47x62": Untitled top, 48x60", machine pieced,  unquilted.:
These are the two unrelated (except by yellow) that I quilted together. 


  1. Melody, did you get the large table at IKEA?

    1. No it came from a thrift store about 20+ years ago, for $100. But I am certain you could do the same at IKEA.

  2. Is this quilt for sale? If so, please contact me.

  3. Glad your set up is now working for you. I have my quilting area set up in a corner of my studio that way the quilt will not hang off an edge, but be stopped by a wall. I have a table at the left and one at the back like you to give the quilt more space to sit. I make big quilts so being in the corner helps a lot.