Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Diamond Panel Vest for Maggie

 Diamond Panel Vest. Various wools and merino-silk yarns, in graduated tones of gray to cream. Mother of Pearl button. Because this is extra long I included side slits at the hem.
 The back diamond design is slightly different than the front panels, due to the fact that I was using small leftover skeins of several grays and had to make it work without running out.

 About 34" long and 25" wide (50" circumference) so it is more like a sleeveless coat.

 And now...to knit something for myself, if I can make a choice from all my yarn combos!


  1. Stunning!!! I could have a wardrobe of these sweaters and vests!!

  2. Oh you can make the choices, just be sure to show us what you end up doing...... I am sure it will be unique.

  3. Love this one Melody. Judith P.

  4. Really beautiful, in spite of not being your usual colorful style. I love it