Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cardivests Lineup

The Fab Four, including the newest version, in grays with a bit of yellow and lavender.
 The important part (at least to me) is the changing backs. I was in search of the perfect design, which meant NO SEWING. Finally on #4 I got what I wanted.

Jo Sharp Silk Road DK: wool, silk and cashmere. Casablanca: Wool, silk and mohair.
 What made the difference? I made two units of half the back and half of the fronts and joined them at the center back with a three needle bind-off which is better (to me) than sewing a seam. I made fake seams for the sides and center back to compliment the structure of the whole.
So now that I have conquered the design part, I will have to get back to the laundry. ha!
Btw, the new gray version is available for $100. 38" bust, 42" hip. Email me. SOLD


  1. Your pictures of the "line up" are great. I don't follow a lot of what you talk about as your knitting is way beyond my K1 P1.....

  2. Holy smokes!!!...these are gorgeous! I love all of them but the gray one is my favorite :)

    1. Me too! Mostly because the gray one is the best design solution.

    2. I love ALL the designs but the gray, for me, means it can be worn with anything and any color :)

  3. Wow! That's a great line-up
    My favourite back is on the first two (left side) -- draws the eyes away from you-know-where :)

  4. Kitchener stitch done with needles on YouTube I had a pattern that did a three needle bind off but I changed it to Kitchener stitch I like it better but that adds an element of design too very nice.