Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Teaching Again

Mini-Spiderweb block
As many of you know, my sister Brooke is manager of Ready Set Sew, a local quilt shop and sewing machine heaven. I have been doing a little teaching there and decided that this is really fun! We have discussed doing a small 2 hour demo/class, once a week and it will be for new quilters, or folks who just want to learn the tricks of making some great quilt blocks.
I've been watching Youtube tutes and looking at online patchwork tutorials and am excited about the fun shortcuts and clever ideas I have found there, and want to share them with folks.

And at the same time, I felt I needed a deadline of some sort to get motivated to finish some tops that I made months ago. Starting with my arty quilt pals, we are meeting this week to discuss having regular get-togethers to share finished works, of our own design. Knowing I will have a 'reason' to get something done, will help me focus.
The weather has been sooooo beautiful and my garden patio so enticing, that I find myself lounging in the warm Spring sun for hours! That's where I've been and why I have neglected checking in here. No gardening left to do, no knitting, no sewing, just relaxing.


  1. Love sitting on my porch and swinging in the mornings. So restful.

  2. Good for you! But I'm glad you're back. Have fun teaching. I wish I didn't live on the other side of the country.

  3. I have become used to seeing your weekly posts, so I am glad to hear that your silence is nothing other than you enjoying spring in your new place. But thank you for posting today!

  4. Been doing the same sun lounging before the real heat sets in, here, south of Atlanta. Glad to see your post today. I worry when you don't check in.

  5. Sitting on the porch is a particularly American expression - glad you're enjoying it. Lucky folks living nearby able to drop by for your classes. And two hours is do-able for many more people. The half or full day classes can be a bit much for people with young children or work commitments.

  6. Ooooh love the spider webs!! How mini are they?