Monday, June 5, 2017

Bento Box sample

The next demo I plan to do is the easy log cabin variation called Bento Box. First I made 9 sets of orange blocks and 9 sets of blue green ones.

 Then I cut each square into four and began playing with the arrangements. 

 This would work but it didn't make the same expected Bento box pattern.
 But I had to try it out on the wall to be certain.

 This is a fun setting but for beginners, it is probably a little too off base.

 Finally I just went for the standard layout.


  1. Love your color choices! I do like the traditional Bento Box, but the layout above the traditional one is nice too.

  2. I love your blocks and arrangements. I bet that if given a choice of layouts many beginners would chose the "zigzag" arrangement. I know that I would have when I was a beginner.

  3. Calling me freaking weird but I actually prefer the first picture. With maybe the blue narrowed a bit