Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bosna #9

 Bosna #9. Hand dyed and commercial cotton, machine pieced and machine quilted. 62x64".
I've been working on this baby for over a week and finished it today with a faced edge, hand sewn down! hahaha, something I rarely do. Luckily I discovered that audiobooks are free on Youtube, which of course helped keep me on task as I quilted daily.
My husband declared this one to be unisex, which means that even a man would like it, I guess.
My sister Brooke saw it before the quilting and said, "I suppose this is all about your quilting?" which is half true. I think it is about the impact of color, with a tiny bit about the quilting. And of course SIMPLICITY.


  1. Oh yes - love this!! Very vibrant but, as you say, this piece shouts simplicity. Your quilting is wonderful!

  2. Wonderful! Colour ... quilting ... balance ... simplicity, but maintaining interest ... Fabulous Melody. Glad David approves too :-))

  3. Beautiful quilting! Do you spray baste, pin, hand baste, etc., before you machine quilt?