Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pentecost Stole

Pentecost is this Sunday so I got myself in gear and made this psychedelic stole for our pastor. I dyed the fabric years ago and who woulda thunk it would end up as a church vestment? The flames are hand dyed silk shantung.  Red is the color of Pentecost and I hope this passes the red test.


  1. This is awesome! I love Pentecost, our congregation always goes outside for the second part of the service and it's really wonderful. Your stole is perfect! I hope your pastor enjoys it!

  2. The only reason the color for Pentecost is red is because of the flames. It would be difficult to have the flames stand out on a red background. It would all pretty much blend in at a distance. While there may not be enough red in the background material the flames certainly make up for it. I hope he appreciates these one of a kind, made with love and devotion vestments you are providing for him and the church. After you’ve completed a year’s worth of stoles, will you be working on altar clothes again?

  3. Great job!��
    Do you have a pattern for the stole?
    I have thought of doing something for our minister.

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