Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Ellen's Cardivest

Same cardivest, different lighting. It's still dark out this morning, (Yay!!!) as fall is kinda here, but I couldn't wait for the sun to shoot these pics and blog. This is the combo Tangier and Venezia, delicious to knit and perfect for the kind of weather we have in Chattanooga. My friend Ellen got first dibs on the yarn choices and since she lives here, we'll meet for delivery soon.


Here's the back and side view.
I am happily working on several of the rest of the choices, at once, trying out each yarn combo by knitting up the back panel. So  happy.
Other things are going on tho, which I must share. We moved here last December and have been trying out various spaces in the house to 'live in'. All the bedrooms are upstairs and I am on my third trial bedroom, and like Goldilocks I think that this one is just right. It is the smallest, but has two windows and a nice size closet. Plus it's at the back side of the house which means that the street light doesn't shine in, allowing me to have no curtains. During the day it is bright and cheery, and now I have moved in my chest of drawers, a book case, the TV, some yarn overflow and my little chair and ottoman. I cocoon here most of the day, happily knitting away.
Yesterday I got the brainy idea to get a new shower head for the master bath, one that has a removable wand, and Dave installed it and now I don't have to shower downstairs, in the other bath that already had that kind of shower head. Little things that make a huge difference.

But the big deal is that Dave had a birthday last week, 64! and I decided as a gift that I would clean up his music/art/dump/junk room while he napped. Of course I had ulterior motives. This is the medium size bedroom in the front part of the house, while he has the large master to himself, also in the front. The yarn storage shelves are in there, along with my old drawing table, his desk, a chair, three or four guitars, etc. and five skinny bookshelves, sparsely used. Crowded and easy to get ignored when it comes to using and especially cleaning. I got serious and loaded up two garbage cans full of detritus, re-covered the drawing table with a bright white canvas, emptied a little used bookcase and filled it with art supplies, rearranged the space and voila, it was usable and beautiful. Another triumph of rediscovery. My ulterior motive? I wanna get back to paint and collage. Dave has been concentrating on colored pencil art and he keeps bringing his work to other spots in the house (that have a TV) so I just slipped myself into the space meant for him. Is that so self serving and terrible? I think not. He uses the sunroom now to draw, and it is working just great for him.

Our  two living rooms are pretty much ignored, furnished but unused. They stay clean, except for dog hair, and that is easily vacuumed, when the spirit moves me.

Now I am thinking about paint...I liked the gray walls but prefer a happier color, to match our much happier and healthier life.

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