Monday, September 14, 2020

Grocery store shoes

I headed out early today, since I was awake and just waiting for dawn to arrive, and decided to get doggie food, some salad greens and hopefully find a store that sold fennel seed. 
Doggie food would be at Walmart and while I did get it and the salad greens, a few more things appeared that I found irressitible.. I found these pull-on shoes with Memory foam inside and stretchy exteriors and they don't press on my injured toe! Recently, since I was so dumb and dropped a bookcase on my toe, I have only been able to wear sandals and they lack the support for longer walks or standing at my work table. These fit the bill so nicely and who knew I could just pick them up at Walmart?

 Skipping right along, I had to get macaroni since Dave requested it and I found my shelf empty. But yesterday I got hooked on Get Organized with The Home Edit, on Netflix. O dear! If you liked Marie Kondo, you will plotz with these gals. They are more interested in organizing to make closets, garages, offices look good as well as functional and they work with big time closets, like Khloe Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, etc. as well as we normal folk. With a Container Store nearby (darn, I don't have one) they make every inch of real estate work for the client, and it is just fascinating to watch them transform a pile of stuff into a virtual showroom of goodness. Easily accessible and obvious where things belong so they are returned to their home without getting lost again. 
So taking a nod from them, I went to the food storage aisle and found these stackable containers, which as you can see are transparent and take up the space of one box of pasta and I got to toss all the opened boxes once these were filled. O spark the joy! 
One day my pantry may become a work of art. 

 I was able to find my fennel seed (at the gorgeous new Publix) and you may ask "What is so great about fennel seed?" It is the spice that makes Italian sausage taste so good, and of course it must be an ingredient in anything in the Italian repertoire. I have a grinder reserved just for fennel and now I am happy as a clam, ready to sprinkle this spice on the ready to bake pizza I bought for Dave...not me. I am back on the diet. So these adorable tomatoes will enhance my salads and add that fresh ingredient with my morning fried eggs. 
Update: I did order another shoe organizer and now my tower of fused fabrics is even higher. This makes each shelf less stuffed and easier to reach just what I want to use.

So if you are thinking that all I am doing is going shopping now that I've moved, let me just tell you that after church yesterday Dave and I went to the other house and cleaned like maniacs because today the photographer will take the listing photos, and I wanted them to look their best to help sell that house. For his trouble Dave got bit 10 times by the wasps on the front porch. Poor Darling. It all happened so fast, and I came to his rescue too late. We had spray bug killer but what worked was ... Windex! Who knew?
So today now that I have satisfied my organizing jones, I will wash the kitchen floor and do my new shoes. Yay!


  1. Hi Mel. As always you inspire me with how you calmly deal with whatever life tosses at you...Dave's challenges, moving house, family needs. I would suggest though, that you get the wasps taken care of before viewings of the house; a wasp bite could be a killer in a close choice between two houses��. Sending love from Saskatchewan!

  2. I love that kind of shopping; when you find the perfect thing you didn't even come in to shop for! Congrats on your successful move and good luck with your upcoming sale.

  3. Of course Windex. Have you never see My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

    I went through this six months ago when we were entering lock down. I bought a lot of plastic bins at Smart n Final for flour, and such but for some of the pastas I use more often, I splurged on beautiful glass canisters with clip lids. They have rubber rings on them like some canning jars. They are lovely as a display out on the counter so that frees up cupboard space for storing the less lovely. Also bug proof and stay fresh. Now I'm working on the chest freezer and what baskets don't fit or I have left over I'm taking to my parents' house and will be doing some organization in her upright freezer.

    Love the extended shoe rack.