Sunday, January 4, 2015

Inspired and Satisfied

 Saturday I went window shopping with my friend Mary and saw the most beautiful furnishings and rooms, and decor and came home to my beautiful new living/dining room and felt satisfied. And then I entered my bedroom and knew I needed to give it some love. We have this pug, Tony, who will be 2 in a week and is in the chewing stage. My duvet and pillows are his fave, and like a baby, he sucks on corners until he drops off to sleep. So there are little 'mouse holes' he says, all over the duvet. But we'll let it stand for the time being. Doesn't he look like a prince snuggled up on the cushy pillow? 
Nevertheless I thought a bit of rearranging would be just the thing today. I moved my chair and ottoman back to its former corner, but put the turquoise end table on the other side along with my about to be read books. And then decided that the TV in the guest room could come to the foot of my bed. I want to snuggle up and watch Downtown Abbey and then doze off without having to walk downstairs. Not to mention watching Netflix from my chair whilst I knit...To test the HDML setting I plugged in the laptop and voila! I got great reception. Later I borrowed the dvd player from upstairs and brought it down and enjoyed the first two episodes of The Honorable Woman while I knit. Really good BBC drama.
 There was some furniture elimination too, a table and lamp went out and in came the drop leaf table from our guest room 'warehouse' to hold the TV at the right height for viewing. It feels so good to use what I have. The best part tho, is that I culled lots of stuff out of my chest of drawers and made them so much more organized and easy to find what I need. I discovered that I have four pairs of black leggings...wha? (not to mention about 30 pairs of unmentionables that Christmas feasting has rendered too tight. More inspiration to get fit).
I am thinking about what color to paint this room, in the Spring. Not red. Not white. But I am finding yummy hues on Pinterest and dreaming. And then I am also thinking of new art work to make for this room, and got lots of wonderful ideas in Anthropologie and the other high end shops we visited. Mostly stuff that I can adapt for my real life, Les Petites Knockoffs.
Just a few days ago I didn't seem to have enough wall space, and now I have found a lot of naked walls. Woowoo!


  1. Looks great. Great place to snuggle up during this cold weather!

  2. I said I was not doing seed starting this year.
    That was before the new seed catalogues began arriving...

  3. Tony, we love you but you must try and stop chewing Mamma's blanket! We love Chumley too! The red and white bedroom is fabulous! Pugs and kisses from the Pug Pack, Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug