Thursday, January 8, 2015

Logic: Try to follow mine

 The rug saga: Love the big circles rug we put in the dining area.

Melody Johnson: Decorating And was totally happy with the smaller zigzag-y one in the living area.Melody Johnson 
But then when the two long runners came, I didn't even open them up to see what they looked like. 

Suddenly I realized that I had two rugs I couldn't use anywhere. So I started trying to imagine a place to put them...eventually (soon if I have my way) we plan to rip up the beige carpets in the bedrooms and replace them with the white Pergo I have in my studio which is impervious to everything dog. In my imagination I thought they could go bedside, so when one gets out of bed one has a nice soft rug to stand on. Blech. Not thrilled with that idea. Back online to Overstock and lo and behold this rug was on superdupersale. 

Safavieh Handmade Nantucket Multicolored Cotton Rug (7'6 x 9'6) 

OK I have it all figgert out now. I am returning the long runners. I have ordered this rug to go in the living area, and will put the one that is currently there in Dave's room since he has a big open space and needs a soft rug (to fall out of bed onto, his latest nighttime adventure).Safavieh Handmade Nantucket Multicolored Cotton Rug (6' x 9') | Overstock™ Shopping - Great Deals on Safavieh 5x8 - 6x9 Rugs
Now I am happy. Again. It don't take much.

OK. Next! My friend Mary and I are on the same page, Decorating. So off to Homegoods, TJMaxx and Marshall's we went. I found two different bedside chests, and brought them home, and kept one and returned the other (no picture was ever taken of that one, no loss) the next day. Then went to my other TJMaxx and found the second exact same Lane chest. I love these small but  efficient chests. Hated the handles.
7 High End Kitchen Updates On A Budget - practical ways a homeowner can customize her kitchen - her way! So off to Lowe's to replace them. I had only one choice, but they worked.

I only really needed one drawer, for my glasses, the latest book, dental floss, and the two remotes.
So the rest of the drawers got filled with ten pairs of shoes! This makes lots more room in my closet.
I am so proud of myself that I actually deleted all the online shopping carts full of sale yarn that I have been saving.
And then while looking for something else (???) I found this quilt in my quilt closet. Forgot all about it. Lime green is on my mind these days (paint colors?) and this has several of the shades I really like. 48x36, ready to hang, except for the rod pocket, of course.
I also uncovered this little treasure trove. Pink is also on my mind for my room. I bought these yo-yos online years ago. Can't remember why. Don't laugh. You do the same thing.
We woke up to 0 degrees today.
I want my money back. The South is supposed to be warmer. Grumph.


  1. Wow! If you made rugs I'd know this was your work. Do 'ya? Come to Long Island we're at 19 going up to 21....I'm not complying, just watch the news of everyone else...Nancy

  2. Lovely color.....-4 here this morning in western MA. Brrrrrrr.....Julie

  3. I love the circles rug . . . so Kaffe Fassett!

  4. Melody, it _is_ warmer there! Our forecast is for 6 below tonight with wind hills down to minus 30. It's been like this off and on for days. Bitter! Totally miserable!

    Mary G in Chicago
    (We are moving to California)

  5. The good news is that here in Tennessee the cold doesn't last too long. And your vibrant decorating colors warm up your home nicely. Keep posting your decorating adventures. They are inspirational. Judith

  6. Mel, we had snow flurries in Jacksonville, Florida. Nature is broken at the moment! Brrrr.

  7. It is 6.8 here in Powell WY and will get up to 14 today. We won't see 32 until 1/16 if the predictions stay the same. My point, looking at your colorful selections in rugs and decorating keep me hopeful for an early, colorful spring. The stores are even starting to put in spring/summer clothes....are they crazy or praying for an early spring? Ha

  8. Love the circle rug, love all the rugs you have picked, They so go with your decor and quilts.