Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I never make runners.
Um. Er, I never make runners intentionally, but it turns out I have made a bunch. This is Sorbet, a pieced quilt from my pastel hand dyed cottons. It has been hanging in the closet since 20I0 when made it. But now for the first time it is being used!
 It's about the same size as the yellow desk and the colors are close enough to make it go together. Plus it covers up the chipped paint, so that makes it perfect.
 I got this ceramic egg tray at World Market after seeing a really expensive one at Anthropologie.  This one holds 12 eggs vs the other one that held only 6.  It may be early for Easter, but it's yellow and ties in with the rest of the yellow in the room. The eggs are papier-mâché from Joann's. 
This pieced and machine quilted 'runner' was also unused and hanging in the quilt closet. All the colors echo the rugs and other quilts and set off the whiteness of the dining table. I won't actually serve food on these pieces, but just use them for decoration.

Same color scheme as on the wall quilt. Turns out that my long and skinny quilts are just the right shape to add personality to the room.


  1. They're gorgeous! You have to be feeling so good with all this beautiful color surrounding you!

  2. I love the proportions of that last one above the white buffet.

  3. Awesome colors :-)

  4. They are all beautiful, Mel. I especially love the citrusy one.

  5. These beautiful pieces look great in their new spots. So cheerful for the winter months!

  6. These are just so, so beautiful! So wonderful to see color anywhere this time of year!