Friday, February 13, 2015

Framed Kisses

Framed Kisses
Hand dyed cottons and bits of silk, fused, machine quilted and mounted on painted wood panel. 11x14" $100 Email me. SOLD
 When I begin to make a piece like this or any of them this week, I have no plan in mind, other than perhaps a color that I want to use. But design or layout? Nope. I just find fabric shapes and put them together and see what looks good with what and then start fusing them to my teflon sheet. Sometimes nothing happens and I put the fused pieces back in the drawer and start again, or cut them up and use a part. 
What does happen is the exciting part for me. Something begins to look like a composition, or a design, and I can tell from that where to go next. 
I do rely on my doodads of course, the Xs, dots, lines, triangles, but those come at the end of the layout. It's very important that I find a piece of fabric that has life, like this background red-orange-yellow sateen.  It makes the piece.

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  1. I'm digging the use of the block-ish piece in the lower center, to act as a counter-balance to the almost traditional layout of the four blocks in the body. Then again, I also enjoy four-block quilts. Cool!