Monday, February 23, 2015

Windy Ridge

Windy Ridge
Hand dyed cottons, commercial cottons, fused, machine quilted and mounted on painted wood panel. 11x14" $100 Email me.

The weather  has been nasty for us the last week and it finally broke. Not that the sun came out but the temperatures came back to a decent 40ish degrees and it stopped sleeting and raining, for a while. Long enough for us to grocery shop and walk the poor incarcerated dogs for a long long smell-a-thon.
There has been a lot of sitting and knitting going on and I can tell I also need to be walking more and eating less. Hmm. 
Our neighborhood is growing by leaps and bounds and we have many more almost finished houses to investigate. It's fun to walk through the rooms and imagine what they will look like finished. 
We keep thinking that we have more room than we need and that the upstairs will eventually be too difficult for me to scramble up to and use. But if we downsized anymore, where would all our stuff go? So nevermind. I am happy to stay put.
I am seriously thinking about the garden and have already sprouted some basil in a window box. We have a south facing window and it gets plenty of light, for basil at least. We plan on getting another truckload of mulch and mushroom compost and that will have to be spread and it'll be good to do it while it is still chilly. Dreaming of Spring...

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  1. It says "Hello Spring!" but your next post says not plus inches of snow-yikes! You might as well be living in the northeast. Julie