Thursday, February 26, 2015

Big Snow (for Tennessee)

 They began closing everything down around noon, before even one flake fell. But by 4ish it was coming down densely and it just piled up beautifully. It's great not to have to drive in this stuff.  This amount of snowfall is quite unusual for this far south, and so we celebrate it while it lasts. The weather report says it will warm up by Sunday and this should all disappear. In the meantime the dogs are befuddled and wimpy, not venturing out of the shoveled driveway. It's like a fenced in front yard!
Dave got out around midnight, since he doesn't sleep much, and shoveled the drive. I am supposed to get our car's emission checks today. As if! So he wanted me to be able to get out onto the road. It ain't gonna happen.


 O dear, I spoke too soon. There goes Tony out into the street, unaccompanied! But he turned tail and came running back just as fast. His little feet got wet and he began to shiver almost immediately.

 Chummy says, "I can hold out for a bit longer". Tony stands there trembling. It's time to run into the house.

The pink sky signals 'sailors take warning'...yeah, I guess. The quilting ruler tells the tale. Seven and a half inches. Wow!


  1. Glad you're tucked in safe and warm!!!

  2. time for snow dyeing; how can you resist with all that pristine snow?

    1. Great Idea! Be sure and show n tell if you snow dye....

  3. Here in central Oregon we are use to the snow fall ( but none this year you seem to have it all back east) any way... I had a Lab German Shepard mix, with a lot more ground clearance then your fellas and last year we got 27 inches in 48 hours. Jack has grown up with snow on the ground and up to his belly. I shoveled a path out the front door and he would go out and lift a leg and there would be a little yellow hole drilled in the side of the white bank.

  4. Enjoy while it lasts. We got some last weekend, with more coming over the next several days, but nothing compared to normal. Some years are like that! But I agree with Laceflower... time to snow dye!

  5. Hy Melody, we have the same scenary in Andorra. Good time for a nice tea and a delicious cake. Take care.
    Hugs. Fina

  6. That's alot of snow. Apparently it's making its way over to the UK, stay warm and snug and use the dawgs as foot warmers that should do the trick!