Saturday, March 21, 2015

Itching to Garden

 They all thought we were crazy when we filled our yard with these cattle water troughs. But by June the troughs were hardly noticeable. Is it any wonder why I am itching to get started again this year?

 The cucumbers went nuts, as did the zucchini and yellow squash. I had a ton of peppers, some still in the freezer, and so many cantaloupes to share. We have lots more trees this year and already the flowering pears are loaded with buds. 

I have started basil indoors, but look at how huge they are in this trough. Onions too! Also in this herb garden are chives, fennel, dill, thyme and parsley. Not a thing left tho, as we are moving this trough away from the window, so we were forced to empty it completely. With gardening we live and learn.


  1. what a great idea for raised beds

  2. I've been waiting patiently for you to start your garden. I loved your garden at your other house and have to admit that I have lots of beautiful pictures that you posted. I've learned all kinds of things from you with this garden and I'm expecting to learn much more. Thank you for sharing your gardens........Diana

  3. I too have always enjoyed seeing your gardens and the lovely photos of your home -full of colour - lovely!

  4. Thanks for the photos of last year's garden. It makes me hopeful that spring is right around the corner. Judith

  5. So lush and beautiful! I admit I have done very little this year to prepare, and I have a small green house I could have been starting seeds in... just got too busy doing other things! Time to get serious, and your pix have reminded me how much I love gardening! Looking forward to seeing this year's crops!

  6. Last year's garden really was beautiful, wasn't it! And wasn't it nice not to be as much work at the house on the hill was? Question.... did you drill drain holes in the bottom of the troughs?

    1. O yes, we did drill holes in all the troughs. Including the former fish pond, now a new garden. It was just too hot for the fish, and the water got too green to see them.