Monday, March 23, 2015

Working Weekend

 My indoor planted basil is coming along great. That was the easiest part of the garden. 
Sunday we bought 15 bags of on sale mulch at Walmart, as well as 15 bags of composted manure to fill a trough that we emptied and moved from another part of the yard. I loaded the soil in it into other troughs and then Dave set up the support blocks up against the fence and we lifted the empty trough together (ugh!) and placed it in its new site.

 That opens up the space in the yard for other stuff. What other stuff? We haven't decided, but I am thinking of a fire pit, or another trough to use as a pretend hot tub. ha! I do miss my hot tub. 
 The contrasting red mulch helps us see where we have put it. That green disc in the ground is a buried gas tank for the indoor gas fire place. Raising the mulch layer around it will prevent us from constantly tripping on it. 

 The herb garden got moved too, but is still adjacent the patio, for quick snips. I transplanted the oregano and sage and will add lettuces, onions, peas, radishes and cilantro, asap. Then later when it warms up the rest of the herbs will follow.

 Everything is close to the house to make for easier watering. 

 During the winter I tossed kitchen scraps into the trough and lo and behold, a broccoli stem sprouted. I will replant it.

 I forgot I bought tulip and daffodil bulbs, so I put them in pots a few weeks ago and up they come.

 Last years fish pond will now become a new flower bed. I am waiting to see something happening with the five figs. I have hope.

 Gardening is all about hope.


  1. You should send last years picture in to "American Farmland" to show how the tubs really should be used...hehe

  2. If I could be so nosy...what was the reasoning behind changing the fish pond to a flower bed? I have a hard enough time keeping plants alive, so I know in my hands, those fish would have been goners.....

    1. The fish needed shade and we tried to provide it but the water got too murky and we couldn't see the fish. It was so hot that we didn't want to be sitting around the tub, so why bother. We took out the fish (all survived) and put them in a real pond, emptied the tank and drilled holes for drainage, filled it with soil and will have it as another garden.

  3. So western MA. we still have a foot or two of snow most everywhere(in fact we got two more inches last Saturday). Gardening seems a long way off.But, that really just means I have more time for my quilting projects right? :-) Julie

  4. Be grateful for the snow and for rain. Drought is now in many places.