Sunday, March 1, 2015

New Work

Hand dyed cottons and silk, fused, machine quilted. 10x15.5"
and then hung vertically. $100 Email me.

I recently discovered the work of Harold Krisel and began pinning his paintings like mad on my Pinterest board. This was just after I discovered Gwen Marston's new work focusing on Minimalist Quilting. Add to those two, the new website by Gail Baar, which continues to thrill me.
When artists talk about being influenced by the work of other artists it usually means= I saw this art piece and decided to rip off the idea. OK, call me guilty. But I must say that digesting the combination of these three bodies of work took me by the ear and dragged me into the studio.
The thing that made me gulp and take notice was the spare, direct, unequivocal nature of the design. The complete lack of folderol, the inclusion of only the essentials, the limited palette, with primaries, and neutrals was part of the thrill.

I knew I wanted to work with this idea.


  1. While I think everything you do is wonderful....please dont change your style! For myself, I find it's hard to be inspired by someone, and not rip them is definitely a fine line. I'm not a fan of "Minimalist Quilting", to me it seems "under-done". Whenever I go to quilt shows, I find myself thinking....gee, if only they had put some more quilting in it!

  2. I couldn't say why,but I definitely prefer this one hung horizontally. Julie

  3. I love this so much, if I hadn't sworn not to buy any more art…and it's a long trip over the atlantic. I do hope to see more in this style, have you looked at the middle period Ben Nicholson, I think you'd find some inspiration there.

  4. Keep on growing and going! This is so refreshing!

  5. I don't know if you remember me, from PAQA! But Harold KRISEL is my father!