Saturday, April 4, 2015

New Bed from Leftovers

We had a pile of leftover mushroom compost from last year, which became the depository of grass clippings. Luckily it never sprouted any weeds, but it kept calling me to dig into it and find a place for it.
We also had 8 leftover concrete blocks from the raised beds, and having been inspired by concrete block raised beds seen on Pinterest, I made an executive decision to make a new bed from the leftovers. Just 8 inches deep, but luckily the ground is pretty flat there, and I had a course of brick edging on the house as my backing. I also had one leftover 2 cu. bag of garden soil (Stay Green from Lowe's) and that was enough to fill the cubbies in the blocks...16 little 'pots'. The adjacent window boxes will add to the little garden. I am inspired to do this with other parts of the yard, however more bricks and soils will have to be purchased. But only 20 minutes to build this, tells me it is worth doing.
The cost to buy new?
8 in. x 8 in. x 16 in. Concrete Block8 blocks x $1.22= $9.76
Sta-Green 2-cu ft Flower and Vegetable Garden Soil
I think it would take about 5 to 6 bags of this soil (Lowe's) to fill it and the cubbies. 6 x $6.88= $41.28 +$9.76=$51.04 plus the inevitable tax. Doable!
The basil is going crazy already and I have more seed to plant. I am waiting to plant the begonias, as we have a frost predicted.

But wait...there's more! Late in the afternoon, we went out for a few other errands and stopped to get more concrete blocks. Dirt too. Now the width is 12 feet, by 40 inches deep. Woowoo!

Mr. and Mrs. Robin have built a nest right near the feeder. Smart birdies!


  1. Brilliant idea, and as always it's a pleasure to see shots of your garden. Looking at your basil plants I feel the need for
    a courgette and basil flan creeping up on me! You also seem to have some exceptionally bright robins at your place.

  2. GREAT idea for leftover blocks Melody - will do when Indiana decides to be spring...= and thanks...

  3. I am pondering how to enclose several planting areas, and this one appeals, but I'm afraid I would have to make them 2 courses high... we have prairie dogs, and they climb!

  4. Are there termites where you live? Getting the soil level that close to the siding enables termites. Even if you have vinyl siding, they could go behind it.

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  6. your art and gardens are amazing!