Thursday, April 9, 2015


 I've begun planting perennials in my concrete block garden, two baptisia and a white bleeding heart. I have seeds started for other things to go in there, and I liked this idea so much I decided to build a really big one along the back fence!

So far I have only half the blocks I will need, but that is all the weight the van should carry in one trip. I will be getting the rest in increments. This area along the fence is low and soggy, so adding soil and plants here is going to permanently remedy that. And it is shaded most of the day, which is just the thing that excites me, as I love shade plants, like hosta, heuchera, hydrangea, ferns and impatiens. The bed is going to be a block width away from the fence (16") so I can walk behind it and work the garden from that side too. It will be mulched with the red mulch that the rest of the yard is getting. That wading pool bed is going...but the coneflowers in it will be transplanted. I moved most of my blue pots to the back yard and these five have Knockout roses, two pink and three red. We loved our big rose at the country house. 

 And we have two more new trees, for the front, a coral bark Japanese maple and a red Japanese maple for the big former koi pond bed in back. I plan to make that a center piece of the flowers. We have pavers ready to edge the front bed, but golf takes precedence. 

 In other news, they have broken ground on a new house across the street. Houses are going up constantly in our subdivision, and when I walk the dogs I see sold signs on lots every day. Whew! I guess the economy is doing well.


  1. I just knew you were out in your yard working your garden magic! Thanks for all the great pictures-love the Japanese maples. Julie

  2. Making beds has a totally different meaning at your house right now!! It is all going to be gorgeous. Spring has sprung!

  3. Definitely liking how the blocks are working to define your beds! I'm giving serious thought to using them too... just have to do some preliminary prep work. Hard to believe you guys have been there - over a year now? Sounds like you have settled in nicely!

  4. When do you possibly have time for GOLF??!! Didn't know you are a golfer in addition to all your other talents, wow!!

    1. I am the gardener, Dave is the golfer and heavy lifter. I don't do the back breaking stuff, as he is 7 years younger than me.

  5. I wish I had your energy. The soil down here is worse than yours up there. Solid clay with a huge helping of rocks. BTW, I remember well our first summer and all the homes being built around us. Good thing you are an early riser.