Monday, April 13, 2015

The Edge

No rest for eager gardeners, Dave and I spent the majority of Sunday digging out the Bermuda grass, so we could lay down the edging brick. I bought an edging spade, thinking it would be the perfect tool, but alas it was practically worthless.
  So I went back to Lowe's and got a pick axe. That was the right tool for this awful job.  Dave hacked at the 'sod' and loaded it in the wheelbarrow, I emptied it in the far vacant lot across the road. Many trips. Eventually we got the depth right and most of the traveling grass roots removed, so we could lay the interlocking bricks. So satisfying, if exhausting. Luckily it wasn't a really hot day. Then we had lunch and a nap. Later, I added soil and flowers and voila!

 As I look at these pictures, it is obvious that my daylilies are angled in a weird way, but toughy-woughy. They will stay that way until fall. If I am ambitious (doubtful) I will move them to line up with the new edging. On to better things. I planted these hosta in that pot last year, and can't remember doing it at all. What is that nice lime green variety? Geesh.

 I do remember getting this Guacamole hosta at Home Depot, and I brought this Celandine Poppy from our country house when we moved.
Hosta and Lysimachia, aka Creeping Jenny. Love love love!
Today it is supposed to begin raining and continue for several days. Hurray. I need a break. But first. I will get something to put in the long bed in back which lies empty of plants at the moment. Woowoo!


  1. I wish we had gotten more of the garden dug up last year! Now there are no more vacant lots to dump sod in...

    Your garden is looking lovely.

  2. We use a manual "edger" to cut the grass, works pretty good - its flat half moon shaped bout 10" long and has foot rests (like a shovel) to stomp it into ground does a pretty good job at cutting all the runners - and uses your body weight instead of brute force which I am lacking! :) Your garden is looking great as usual!!

  3. Pick axe is a great tool. I love my maddox. Wore my first one out, and I'm on the next one. Your garden's looking good, and I bet it loves this rain.

  4. That front bed is looking lovely! Like you, I often overdo in the garden.