Saturday, April 11, 2015

Not So Shady Garden

Here it is all filled up. I started dumping the 89 bags of soil at 8 am and was done by 10:30. That included spreading some mulch too. 48 feet long by 32" and judging by the sun I am thinking it is not too shady. O well. 
 I have a 7 bags of soil left but the forecast is calling for four days of rain this week so the beds will compress and I can top them off with the rest of the soil. That black vertical in the picture is my camera strap. duh. You'd think I would notice.
The cubbies in the blocks are full in the front but not the back. I haven't decided if they will get filled yet. We'll see.


  1. My back hurts just thinking about ALL that Melody - U go girl!

  2. Oh,so much space,so many possibilities, I'm excited for you. Looking forward to the final results. Julie

  3. Yikes! That's a lot of dirt bags to pour. I think the little cubbies would be a good place to plant Marigolds.

    Becky in Indiana

  4. This is going to be a great garden, lovely length. We have a long bed against a fence which was shaded by a lovely old plum tree, an apple tree and a Japanese maple so I planted Vireya rhododendrons, anemones, deciduous azaleas and so on for the shade - the apple and plum suddenly went into demise so now the
    bed is baking hot!