Thursday, October 8, 2015

Back on Track

My inspiration, from Gudrun again. And then the Melody version.
 Hand dyed and dye painted cotton sateen. Patch pockets caught in the side seams, and longer shirttail in back. Roll up sleeves.

Needless to say, I am much much happier with today's effort.


  1. You're definitely closing in on the perfect pattern. LOVE the fabric, obviously--so you. :))

    imo, for a more upscale look, I would square off the rounded edges of the hem, and go back to the lower almost-integrated-looking pockets on the blue 'linen-look' tunic.

    Totally agree with those who said the problem with the solid blue tunic was not you, but *way* too much fullness plus lack of drape in the fabric. And, for me, the rounded hem. Rounded hems just scream "beach cover-up" to me. ymmv

    I love your clothing posts!

  2. I think this one looks wonderful on you!

  3. Hey ROCK! This is off the charts cool. How much FUN will you have wearing this!

    Keep at it,

    LuAnn Kessi