Friday, October 9, 2015

White on Rice

Once again, here are my inspirations: this first picture is from the Vivid website and it costs $116, which is why I sew, even when I fail to achieve my desired look.

Linen Long Sleeve Top ET'LOIS USA Linen UMA TUNIC Long A-line w/ Pockets Dress S M L XL WHITE #ETLOIS #Tunic #Casual: Lily Linen Dress Pattern - A4 Print At Home PDF: Vivid Linen Women's Long Sleeve Top:
  It is pretty hard to see it below because it is white linen on a white door, but I think I have the pullover body skimming shape at at last. The loose fit, the nice drape is there and straight  hem, as well as slanted pockets are all in response to viewer comments. Thanks! And I agree.
I wanted to make it longer, but I barely squeaked out this length with the 2.5 yards of linen/rayon on hand.
I'd probably wear this with leggings or jeans, as a shirt, but in the warmer weather, as a dress with bare legs and sandals.
The neckline was a teeny bit gaping so I added a buttonhole and abalone shell button, resulting in a soft pleat. It works. But next time I will decrease the size of the neckline, making sure it will still go over my head.

 Curved bottom, slanted top, caught in the side seam pockets, all my faves.


  1. Yes, I think this would be so good with leggings.

  2. Gorgeous! Yay! I absolutely love those pockets.

    Agree about leggings, too.

    Definitely linen + bare legs + sandals = perfect summer uniform

  3. Much better, you are certainly churning them out. Just a suggestion you may want to try is to not drop the shoulder seam so much, which will reduce the upper bulkiness of the garment. All your inspiration photos have much less drop than you are using. FWIW

  4. Deb W. from KingstonOctober 14, 2015 at 8:37 AM

    I bought a couple of tops from Etsy (Coco and Juan) and the side profiles are very interesting. In a soft fabric, they drape beautifully. Just imagine a shape with a "J" on one side and a backwards "J" on the other. Below the tip of the "J" is a 3 or 4 inch vertical. You might have to sketch it out to understand it! The drape is much like #2 picture on the top line. Another one of my tops has a drapey side built out of an extra diamond sewn into the bottom side seam.
    Gee I wish I could sketch in a comment!!!!!