Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Gudrun Shirt

 I found myself desiring this look, based on things I pinned from Pinterest. (What did I ever do before it?) Most of these are from the designer Gudrun Sjoden
So I attempted to locate a pattern for this simple easy to wear clothing. First I searched my own patterns, and nothing worked, after several tries. Then it dawned on me that I should think of these shapes as sleepwear and found the needed shape in family pajamas. McCall's M5992.
McCall's Pattern Misses', Men's and Teen Boys' Tops, Nightshirt, Pants and Sweatsuit, Y (XS, S, M)I didn't want a collar or that length, but did want patch pockets at the bottom, and shirttail hem with slits. Other than that, this is the perfect pattern. Only I bought it in Large first and having made a sample shirt, discovered I needed Medium, so back to Joann's I went. McCall's patterns were on sale for $1.99, so haste was an issue.

Here's my finished prototype. Linen/rayon blend, ancient, with a scoop neck and much shorter sleeves that roll up. Rounded patch pockets echo the rounded hem.

I added a neck patch, just for effect. It does hold the neck facing down, so it is worth the effort.


Of course I tried to take photos of myself in the mirror, always a tricky task.
I am so happy to have devised the pattern to suit my needs. Loose fitting, covering the necessary parts, and plain enough to dress up with a fancy necklace or scarf, or just wear with leggings.
Now I will endeavor to add new features to this basic shape. I can pull this shirt over my head without undoing the buttons, so a dress is in the offing. A yoke at the shoulders, with a pleat in the back, multiple fabrics, and a shorter or longer version too.
It occurs to me that I will begin by using some 'quilt' fabric, and rid myself of a tiny bit of pressure to use it all up.


  1. Smashing!! What a good idea - I look for the ads in magazines for Gudrun clothing I like a lot of her styles, love what you have done with this PJ pattern!

  2. I think that you are some kind of genius! Julie

  3. Whooo! Looking good! I love the elongated split, and the pockets look great too. I have a shirt that's not too dissimilar - a little shorts (like yours better!) that has a strap and button on the sleeve, as if it were holding it up. It is of the same fabric as the top band of the pocket.... of course there are a millionty things you could add, aren't there,

  4. Very nice….love the look you are getting in your knit wear as well!

  5. Wow! I love the look of it, and also love that you were able to adjust a pattern to suit you. It almost makes me want to start learning to sew clothing myself.

  6. looks great! love the pink fabric.