Friday, July 1, 2016

A Good Start

 It's a beautiful morning and again the temps are cool. Cool enough to encourage outdoor activities.
But I hate exercise.
I don't wanna run or walk (not counting doggie walking) and I especially don't want to join a place to go exercise at. Don't have the 'outfits' either.

But I have a nice new bike and I like the breeze rushing past me, but don't like the traffic on Main and Market Streets.
DUH! I can ride in the neighborhood! Brilliant.
So this morning I decided to do just that. I got my handy timer and set it for 20 minutes, which burns 87 calories and set off. Most of the streets are pretty level, with just a little rise. I managed OK on the slopes and really loved the downhills. I discovered a huge chicken factory a couple of streets south of us. And there are mega-car dealerships one street further, but I didn't go there.
Twenty minutes went by pretty fast and I came home with rubber legs, which goes to show you I did exercise. A thin film of sweat is further proof, but that's too much information.
It wasn't torture, and I believe I can do this, maybe daily. Or kinda regularly. The earlier the better, when it turns hot again.
It's been a week since I started back on the program and I am 8 pounds less than my first weigh in. I know that seems like a lot for a week, but at first you lose lots of water weight.
Gotta say, I feel lighter, but it's probably all in my head.


  1. What a great start to your diet! I visited their you pay to join? I wasn't sure. Do they give you a menu to follow??

    I have a stationary bike that I was using for a while (same ol' story, right?) but my bursitis hips have a difficult time getting on and off. I don't like going to a fitness center (we have several Silver Sneaker centers here) because I don't want any one else looking at me...know what I mean?

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Gah! That house is such PERFECT COLORS for you!!!! ANd your front garden, it's so hard to believe you've only been there a month!!!!

  3. Love your high tech timer!! Cindra

  4. Congrats, on getting on the bike and going! I can't ride a bike, but love my Silver Sneakers classes. The important thing is to find something you like, then just keep doing it. I checked out but balked at the cost - is free, and I have a great support group of ladies in my age bracket (60+), and we all support and encourage each other. Keep at it, 'cause you are worth taking good care of!

  5. Wow - what a loss of weight in your first week, incredible. Love the peek of the wonderful colour of your bike, I feel inspired to think about buying one.