Friday, July 15, 2016

Class Begins

Today is the day, the first day of Focus on Fusing, so if you are signed up or not you can see what we'll be doing over there.

For more mundane things, the diet is going along great and I have found some really great stuff to eat that satisfies and doesn't spend too much of my calorie budget. I've lost 11.5 pounds and am not suffering a bit, except at cocktail time. I can go back to imbibing when I've lost 25. However we will have house guests for a couple of days next week and I doubt I will be all that saintly.

After spending a few days in the fusing mindset, I put it all away and got out my new knit fabrics. It's been a while since I made anything with knits and for a few hours I had to convince my serger to behave. Made the first top and today I will cut it down to fit me better.

 That first color doesn't photograph well, but it is a deep forest green. Everything was on sale and I had a coupon. Heard that one before? I couldn't resist that black with white crosses. I already have some of that and thought I might need more. ha!
I'll use this pattern for the knits. Fall tops. ++Update, turns out that this pattern is for two way stretch knits not what I have so nevermind, I didn't use it.
My sewing table is tucked in a corner, but the feng shui works perfectly for me there. While I think feng shui is sorta hooey, I still practice the idea of keeping my sight lines toward the door. And I have the help of the boys on the couch, when they are not snorting/snoring away.


  1. Ahhhhhh! You can do it! The diet I mean. Congrats on your 11.5 so far! I just lost 25 lbs, like I mean I hit that this week! I gave up a lot, knowing that when I get about 20 more down I can go back. But after 3 months, I am kinda over the old stuff! Key is mindset change! But you knew that!

    Hopping over to the FOF site!


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  4. Hello to Tony and Chumly from Romeo, Elvis and LarryPug their Pug Pals in Boston. Hope they are staying cool in the AC in the new house! Looking forward to seeing your new knit tops. Can't see the pattern.
    Pugs and kisses,

  5. And hello, too, from Josie and Freddie, pugs buddies in St. Louis. The picture of the pattern you used didn't come through. What pattern did you use?