Monday, July 4, 2016


They are (from L to R) - Woven Hemlock by Grainline, Wiksten Tova x 2, Scout Tee by Grainline x 3, Alice Top/Dress by Tessuti and the Wiksten Tank x 3.:
I have more pajamas than any other kind of garment. This is because almost everything I own eventually becomes something to sleep in.
And I have way too many jeans that I cannot wear until I get back to the weight I was when I mass-online-ordered them. Lots of shoes that never get worn either, so what is the point?
There is no line of thought in my closet and when I saw this photo on Pinterest, I thought, here is a closet that has a PLAN. This person knows her favorite color combo, knows her lifestyle, and knows what looks good on her. (I read a lot into this picture!)
The things I like the most and wear the most are things I made for myself.
Melody Johnson: Melody Johnson: Melody Johnson: Melody Johnson: Melody Johnson Everyday Shirt: Melody Johnson: Melody Johnson:  And of course my collection of white or black T-shirts.

So, Why have anything else in the way of finding these garments?

Remember your childhood home? The closets were ridiculously small, like 3 feet wide. But then we didn't have a huge wardrobe anyway, so it didn't matter. Now we collect to the bursting point, because we can, and we have space to store all of it too. But what really gets used, and what does our lifestyle require? Because I am retired, I have play-clothes, girlfriend outfits, and pajamas.

I am going to clear out everything that doesn't fit these categories and give it all to Goodwill.

One hour later, I counted 28 long sleeved T-shirts hanging in the closet. Who really needs 28? No doubt I need to cull that lot!

 The excess hangers, after removing clothes that had to go. The pile of going to Goodwill garments, including several pairs of shoes, which I probably never wore over the last several years.

The Dramatic Results. The two baskets on the shelf contain 20-ish long sleeve tees, which is 8 less than the original count. The other basket has 14 pairs of leggings, which are more accessible in a basket than in the drawers. I had a bunch of knitted scarves which got stuffed into a zippered plastic bag, also on the closet shelf. Mostly not wearable in steamy July.
I switched my largest drawer, once my pj's home, and made that my playclothes drawer. The reduced pj's went one drawer down, below underwear, which also needs culling. 
 I tried on my jeans, and could button and zipper them, but I will not be wearing them until a few more pounds are gone. There are a few cool weather dresses, coats and jackets back in the corners, since we don't have a coat closet.
I'm feeling a great sense of Ahhhhhhh with the more defined closet and drawers. Happy 4th of July!


  1. I've been trying to purge, too. Such a good feeling. I wish you had a women's shelter or someplace other than Goodwill to give them to, though!

  2. Well I'm impressed! I got rid of 100 pieces of clothing and accessories a couple of years ago. My new rule is if something new comes in, something old had to go.

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  4. LOL Now most people would have purged their closet before they moved. LOL I simplified my closet about 10 years ago, and have stuck to it. It's so nice to open the door, see what you need, and not have to move things to get to what you want. Unlike your closet, everything is color coordinated in mine - meaning all my blacks are together, all my blues, pinks, whites, etc... Also according to season. All my long sleeves are together, all my short sleeves are together. I wish the rest of my life was as organized as my closet. more LOL Thanks so much for sharing your life's journey with us. I wait till I have my morning cup of coffee to see if you've posted or not, and the quilt I purchased from you has a special place on the wall in the studio.

  5. When we moved two years ago from the east coast to the west coast, I purged my closets and gave it all to a thrift store that proceeds went to the animal shelter. I couldn't believe how much I had!! I'm retired since 2008 and I had my work clothes still in a spare closet that I hadn't worn in years...dress pants, blouses, skirts, vests, sweaters, dress shoes, etc.! It felt so good to get rid of it all and know I was helping a worthy cause. Now, I have a very limited "stash" that I wear over and over :)