Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sewing Obsessed


Chumley and Tony are being tempted with bits of meat by Dave, (not in the picture because he's in just his shorts). Tony can stand up and get closer to the meat but Chumley has the capacity to really focus, not moving a bit until he gets the treat. 

 To explain to a reader why I don't feature myself wearing my new clothes, this is the reason. I can't get a good picture, not like the still mannequin anyway.
This fabric is tie dyed cotton from and I adapted another out of print pajama pattern for this shirt, which really fits great now. M4979. I didn't like the v-neck so I made it round. I have lots of regular shirt patterns, but the looser more casual shape is what the pajama pattern provides.
 And round two of that crossover top shirt pattern, this time in heavy linen, which is a perfect topper for a skirt or black pants.
I'm really enjoying  garment sewing, since using the serger is just so effortless, and the new fabric is darned wonderful too. I ordered lots of linen/rayon which is now my go to cloth. Drapes nice, washes great and very little ironing. Besides white, ivory and black, I have these colors coming.


  1. I've been watching your sewing bonanza and love the tops you're making! I should pull out my serger, maybe if it's in sight on the table I will use it. You know I had never thought of taking a panama pattern and altering it, brilliant.

  2. I love the tops! You're making me wish I had a serger, I think. I've used a pajama pattern for a few shirts in the past and I thought it was my guilty secret. It's great to see someone else with the same idea! I feel sort of validated. I'll be looking for that pattern--love the way it turned out. The linen/rayon looks wonderful. Where do you get it?

  3. Thank you for posting the blouse on you. It is helpful to see you wearing the blouse/pajama. Looks much better on you then the dress form ;-) Now I will look for some pajama pattern to sew for me.

  4. Does the pajama shirt pattern have neck facings? I hate facings in commercial patterns, which always seem to have them when ready to wear never does. How do you address that issue? Loving your shirts, this latest tie dye one especially. Claudia Wade

    1. For wovens, I do use facings and I use fusible interfacing too. If there is a collar I only use the front facing and leave off the back neck facing. I need facings for the button fronts. I find the support of the facings makes a crisper finish. For knits, I usually do not use the facings in the pattern, and most knits-only patterns don't use them anyway.