Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pullover Top, Tunic and Shirt

 I have been trying to get is a non-knit version of a pullover t-shirt and this is it. It took dinkin' around with two patterns,both vintage, and I finally drafted a pattern that fits, which can be adapted to long sleeves later. Five more pounds and I can wear it tucked in something.

 Second version of the pullover dress, which I know will get a lot of wear, over leggings and jeans or alone. 
Homemade necklace with Sterling silver created by Brooke and dangling things by me.          

Open and buttoned collar on this more classically fitted batik shirt, I am still thinking of adding pockets. I carry a very tiny purse, so I need a pocket for things now and then.
My closet is filling up with new clothes, so I had to remove all my space-hogging hanging jeans and carefully throw them up on the closet shelf. I expect to keep sewing until I run out of the new fabrics, which will be a while. My friend Mary is also making clothes at the moment and it is so fun to have this in common, as well as so many other things. I asked her where will we wear all our lovely new garments and she said she is getting rid of her junky clothes and will wear nice clothes as regular attire! What a concept.
 So...Me too!
Just had to make a second version with contrasting collar and pocket top.



  1. Really cute things and great fabric! I like the idea of getting rid of things, just keep what you like.

  2. Annie, it is a combo of the pajama pattern mentioned earlier and an out of print shirt pattern. Sorry.

  3. They all came out nice, but I especially love the batik! It is so hard anymore to find button front short sleeve shirts with collars! Half the time I end up in the menswear section...

  4. They look great! I love the mandarin collar--almost a turtleneck and I live in those in the cold Minnesota winters. I'm going to pull out my patterns one of these days and see what I can come up with. You're an inspiration!