Monday, August 15, 2016

A Loaded Monday

The sofa was moved on Sunday to Brooke's house and  here it is in her third bedroom/TV/music room. Nice trip around the world quilt, eh? She has three cats. I am certain they won't cause as much slipcover washing as my outside-walking-doggies did. I moved our Poangs and ottomans into that empty space and we are happy to be watching TV with our feet up and a dog in each lap. (that part, not so much)

The left side of this picture is the drawer unit that Brooke gave me, full of her fused fabrics. I am emptying each drawer and consolidating the larger pieces into rolls, and keeping the smaller scraps in my scrap drawers. Then I am filling the orange drawers with yarn and sweaters which were difficult to reach, because they were still packed in Rubbermaid bins. Those bins will revert to the garage.

On Saturday I began quilting this lap quilt, to be used as a Kaffe Fassett sample at Brooke's store. I just happened to have it on hand when she mentioned needing one. Three borders and the binding are left to do today.
She has also given me lots of batting scraps in large pieces which I will be cutting down to the sizes I most frequently use. So much easier than dealing with a huge batt for a small work each time.
Today is also the day that the repairman comes to fix my oven control panel. He just called at 7:20 am to see what parts he needed to bring. Yay!
Then later today my internet service provider repairman is coming to see what is wrong with my spotty reception. It's been a frustrating few days but the end is in sight. Mustn't grumble but we are so dependent on marvelous electronic things that cause misery when they don't work correctly.
One more thing: I have now lost 20 lbs!! since June 25th. Seven weeks, averaging 3 pounds lost a week. Must be those early morning doggie walks.  Wish that meant I was skinny, but alas, I have 20 more to go.
So I have lots to do today and plenty of caffeine to fuel my work. Ta Ta for now.


  1. You are so lucky to have a sister living close to you!! And, to have a sister who shares your love of fabric. My sister loves fabric but we use it for very different kinds of sewing and live 1100 miles apart - so no sharing going on. Your rooms in the new house look so comfy!

  2. Congratulations on losing 20 lbs.!! I've tried a lot of diets but nothing seems to work :( Stubborn metabolism, I guess. Besides that, I've now got arthritis in my back and left ankle (from car accidents years ago) that keep me from exercising much. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it...haha.

    I know how frustrating electronic glitches can be. We've experienced some ourselves this last month.

  3. I love that Kaffe quilt! His fabrics aren't always easy to work with...any chance we could see a full sized shot before you send it off to your sister's store? surely would love that!

  4. Both the Trip Around the World and the Kaffe Fassett fabric one I do like very much, and like Leighway I would love to see a full size photo.
    The weight loss is amazing, I would love to be losing 20lbs, course we're in kilos and my goal would be 10 kilos, need to work out the best way to do this!!

  5. So very nice that you and Brooke are now living in close proximity. I'm envious of the sister relationship-I have 4 older brothers and no sisters. You have mentioned a couple of times "Brooke's store". A quilt store? How fun is that! Tell us about it or did you already and I missed that post?!?
    jlpfeffer at gmail dot com

  6. Congratulations on the 20 lbs! I know you feel great.