Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sisterly Sharing

Is it like this in your family? We have stuff and suddenly need to get rid of it and so we give it to one of the family, knowing we can always get it back if necessary.
At this moment I have a carload of stuff from my sister Brooke, which she cleared out of her space to make room for other stuff. One of the other things she is putting in that space is my Ektorp sofa.

I have two too many sofas, so when this one goes to her house tomorrow, I will only have one too many sofas. Nice.

A few weeks ago, she gave me back this shelving unit, which is still unassembled in its original box, but I was happy to have it, because if it ever stops being 90+ degrees, I plan to dye some fabric on it. Brooke really doesn't have time to dye fabric since she works full time and wants to spend her free time doing everything but dye fabric.

So today I volunteered to help her clear out her storage space and make it into a nice music playing and TV watching room and home for the new Ektorp. As a team we are unbeatable and got that room cleaned and organized in 90 minutes! The coffee helped.

We discovered a full bolt of dyeable muslin, (50 yards! ) and batting that could be used for new work, and pretty soon she thought of other things that would be useful to me, and relieve her of the guilt for never having time or space to use them.

I came home with EVERYTHING to get back into dyeing, including dyes, squirt bottles, a Rubbermaid soaking bin, soda ash, Styrofoam panels AND two drawers full of already fused hand dyed fabric scraps!!! O happy Mel!
Just FYI, I already have dye and panels and fabric and soda ash, but alas no squirt bottles and would you believe that they were the only things holding me back? Well, I do have to assemble the shelving, and do have to wait until the air is bearable, but that will come.
There was a time in 1985 when I gave my mother all my quilt fabric, as I was never gonna make another quilt ever again. But of course things change and I got it all back and went on to make the kind of quilts that got me excited again, and that was a GOOD THING.
Still full of caffeine, I cleaned up my room and moved my chair to the other side so I can plop right down and watch TV or read my book. No more work today. Move over Tony!

PS. TODAY 50 yards of Nature's Way Dyeable muslin is on sale online only at Joann's for $123.74, which is $2.48 a yard. Can't beat that price.


  1. Can't beat that price.....unless you have a sister!