Monday, August 22, 2016

A Lovely Do Nothing Weekend

These beads, which have been sitting around in my jewelry box for years, were finally made into a necklace and it's adjustable so I can squeeze it over my head and then push the big bead up. And then I made a pair of pants. Too big ( hurray!!!) and were taken in to fit better. I am between sizes at the moment, but these will do for the interim. Cotton spandex mix.

The rest of the weekend I just relaxed and read, watched Netflix, (St. Vincent, Inspector Morse, Endeavour) did laundry and knitted. It rained quite a bit and then got steamy, but this morning on the doggie walk it was in the 60's and nice and chilly. Can fall be approaching? I hope so. The kids go back to school mid August and after this hot dry summer I'll bet even they are glad to have something to do inside where it's cool.
I feel a transition coming on in the studio, and have put clothing-making on hiatus until I figure out what is next.

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  1. Oh my gosh------I have that same fabric. Purchased last winter to make a tunic, but didn't. Now plan to make a pull over shortish dress. I wish I could make alterations as you do.