Friday, August 19, 2016

Kaffe Pillow for Brooke

Quilt as you go seemed like a great idea to make a pillow cover for the shop display. For an 18" insert, I cut a 19" square of batting and a slightly larger piece of muslin for the backing, and drew diagonal lines onto the batting so that I could place the square on the center. Strips of differing widths were added, courthouse square fashion.

The back side of the pillow started the same way, only this time the center square was a four patch. Quilting was added to that four patch afterwards, but only in the ditch. The two sides were joined with a zipper and then sewn all around.
 The finished pillow.  At my house the corners are delicious treats for our doggies and would be gnawed into oblivion, so I am happy to hand this over to Brooke for display. 
I must say that sewing a QAYG log cabin is so satisfying. All the pattern and color and the quilting is done when the piecing is done. I fantasized about making a quilt this way, 12 blocks, with 3 blocks by 4 for a nice sized nap quilt, 54 x 72. Hmmm. Just sayin'.


  1. Nice,a simple pattern and nice fabric always works!

  2. K F fabric are always a riot of color and play well with your hand dyes.
    Great pillow samples for your sister's display and great play for you!

  3. I love Kaffe Fassett's fabric, but it is so splendid that I never know what I would do with it if I bought it. And, it's not like I have spare space to put more stash! My youngest comes over and eyes my stash, and keeps track of "her inheritance"!

  4. Glorious - I love working with and collecting KF Collective fabrics. The colour is wonderful, especially is the centre piece of the front of the cushion, one of favourite designs.